Christopher Evan Taylor
painting in his Lincroft, NJ children's garden
Using the camera as a resource for his paintings, Taylor takes numerous photographs of the Northeast landscape. They include scenes from Holmdel Park, Cheesequake Park and Thompson Park in New Jersey as well as Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. With a desire to evoke a sense of place, he focuses on the accidents of nature's design by using strong compositional elements as groundwork for his paintings. The resulting landscapes have a clarity and luminous quality that freezes time and space, allowing the viewer to escape, if only for a moment, to the tranquil world of the artist's making.

Starting in 1997, Taylor began to incorporate the figure of a child in his landscapes. A young girl intermingled with nature's foliage adds a new metaphorical dimension to his work with implications of youth, renewal and blossoming innocence. In early 2000, Taylor developed and nurtured his own garden  a uniquely structured environment which has become a magical place of beauty, where his mysterious narratives can take flight.

More recently, he has been pursuing the challenge of portrait paintings initially concentrating on children but now including adults. Taylor is available for commissions.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, raise as an Air Force "brat", Taylor has frequently moved around the country. He attended eight different schools in five states, eventually settling in New Jersey, most recently in Lincroft. The artist attended Rutgers University, Kean College and receive a BA Degree in Art from Thomas Edison State University. He has been studying with Grace Graupe-Pillard since 1993. Taylor has exhibited widely in the Monmouth County area, including The Monmouth Museum, The Middletown Library, Guild of Creative Art, The Art Alliance, Thompson Park Visitors Center, NJ Center for the Healing Arts, Freehold County Records Office and the Mitchell Sandborn Gallery. He has also had solos shows at C & S Wholesale Grocers and Johnson & Johnson Corporate Center and Middletown Library.   

Christopher Evan Taylor
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               c.evan taylor                c1996
      Copper Beech Tree Thompson Park